How to avoid a dog bite

  • Do not bother a dog while it is eating.
  • Do not try to pet a dog that is sitting in a car.
  • Do not try to pet a dog who is trying to get away from you.
  • Do not take a toy away from a dog.
  • Do not bother a dog who is resting.
  • Do not bother a mother dog and her puppies.
  • Always stay away from a sick dog.
  • Never try to pet a dog behind a fence; that is his area to protect.
This is our friend, Tikka. Even though
she is a very nice dog and loves
people, her owner still supervised all
puppy visitors.
While she relaxes on her bed with a toy, it
would be best to leave Risa alone.
It would not be a good idea to pet this dog
since he is confined behind a fence.
The dogs in these pictures were used because of
their friendly personalities.  
They are used here only for illustration purposes.
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