Azalea Festival 2007
March 3 & 4, 2007
Paltaka, Florida
Down by the Riverfront


Regulations Around Animal Areas And Dog Show Ring

As per City and County Leash Laws all dogs must be on secure leash. As per
Animal Area Rules there are no chain leashes allowed. Leashes must be cloth,
leather, or nylon. No leash is to be longer than 6’ in length.

Dogs exempt from leash rule include police K-9s or trained service dogs used to
assist a person with disabilities or other working dog in the performance of a
legitimate duty.

Dog collars and harnesses must be appropriate for the age and size of any dog
brought into the animal area.

Dog handler or designated person must be in constant physical control of dog.
The dog must be under the control of a competent person through the use of a
leash or through the use of a secure crate. It is the responsibility of the caretaker
of the dog to make sure that the dog will not be subject to harassment by a
member of the public. An unattended tether of the dog by any means is not

A dog that is known by the handler to be dog aggressive or people aggressive is
forbidden to be brought into the animal area for any reason.
Dogs are not to be left in an unattended vehicle without due care taken for the
dogs’ comfort and safety.

It is the responsibility of the dog’s caretaker to make sure that fresh clean potable
water of a drinkable temperature is available for their dog.
It is the responsibility of the dog’s caretaker to clean up or to see to the clean up
of any excrement of their dog.

All dogs in the animal area must be kept at a reasonable safe distance (min. 4’)
from any other dog that is not owned or in the care of the dog handler.
Exceptions to this rule will be allowed only when socialization of any two or more
dogs are agreed to by dogs’ ADULT handlers before meeting of the animals.
Socialization of these dogs must be at least 6’ away from show ring sides, 12’ from
any entrance or exit sites of show ring, 12’ from registration table or of people in
line at a registration table.

Any dog brought into animal area must be clean and free of vermin. All dogs must
have a current rabies tag or rabies/rabies titer certification.

Any signs of neglect or abuse of any dog in the animal area will be reported to the
City of Palatka Animal Services.

Dog Show management, veterinarians on site, or a member of law enforcement or
their representative reserve the right to refuse entry or pull any dog from the Show
Ring. Reasons for not allowing dog in the show ring include but are not limited to
the unsuitable behavior of the dog, a dog showing undue stress, or a dog due to
age or health conditions not able in the opinion of any of those mentioned to
continue in a class. Attendance of any animal and handler on any part of the
Animal Area implies the consent of the handler of such animal to follow the above
rules. By the act of registering for any Dog Show Class the handler implies that
they will follow all rules of the Dog Show Ring.  
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