Basic Training

Walking on leash
I am trying to teach my puppy to walk nicely on a leash.  He wants to hold it in his mouth.

When you are working with your pup on leash the first time or two this is very normal. Reach
down and remove the leash--be careful not to hurt the puppy--and tell him very firmly NO.
As soon as you remove the leash from his mouth give him a suitable toy for him to carry.
Then off you go. As soon as puppy learns that leash means walk and interesting things to
see he won't need to carry a toy in his mouth. If he goes to mouth the leash again repeat
the NO. If he doesn't listen then go back to the toy for awhile longer. NEVER hit puppy on
the nose or head. That doesn't teach him not to chew--just that his owner hits and puppy
needs to be careful to stay away from hands.
Here we have pictures of Kelli helping train Thunder. Kelli and her Mom, Jan,
are special friends of Karl's Kids.  They rescue dogs from unhappy lives, take
care of them, train them, and then find nice loving homes for these dogs.
Maybe your next dog will come from a wonderful rescue or foster family.
Three year old Trent helps
walk his dog Bacchus.
Colt is training his dog Stubby to walk
nice on a leash. . .
. . .and now it is Dakota's turn to
work Stubby on leash.
Sit on command
How do I teach my puppy to sit?

puppy's hips. There are several ways to teach a puppy to sit and you just need to find out
the best way for your puppy. One way is to get on your knees facing the puppy's side. If
puppy has his head by your right hand then gently put your hand under puppy's chin and
slightly raise his head--nose up. Not too high or it will hurt him. Just a bit where his nose is
slightly higher than the rest of his head. While doing this take your left hand and starting at
puppy's shoulder area slide your hand down towards his tail. Remember, never push just
guide him into a sitting position. While doing this say SIT. It might take a little practice on
your part to work both hands at once but this is one of the easiest ways to teach the sit
command. Do this about 3 times in each session (about 3 sessions a day) and most pups
learn it pretty quickly.
Here is Dakota working on
training her dog Stubby to sit
when she gives the command.
Kaci is telling all the dogs to sit by hand command--wait one is not looking.  
Psst look up little one.
(Look her little sister is trained too.)
Zeke (16 months old) with his dog
"He wants to walk his doggies so
bad, even though he doesn't know
how to hook on their leads."
"Maybe Oskar will let me
hook it on?"
"Now if I could figure out
which end. . ."
"No?   OK, we can
just run together!"
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