He who laughs.
Algonquin in origin.

Ahanu is a happy-go-lucky puppy who
finds happiness in everything that he
does.  His owner is training Ahanu in
obedience so he knows how important
it is to be a good pup.  Ahanu is one of
Karl's helpers in teaching children
about good manners.
Restless one.
Hopi in origin.

Ahote is a young pup training to work
on a Search & Rescue Team.  He
wants to follow orders and be a team
member, but his short attention span
and his daydreams of being a hero
sometimes gets him into trouble.

Aroha is a special lady. She is a Search
and Rescue Dog.  A S&R dog is trained
to find lost people.  A dog used in S&R
must be kind to people and  nice to all
other animals. They work hard and love
their jobs. It takes a long time for a dog
to learn how to be a dog used in Search
and Rescue.

When Aroha is not busy doing her job
she is just like other dogs. She lives with
her handler in her house, plays with the
children in the family, and goes on car
trips to visit friends.  After a hard day of
work, Aroha likes to come home and
relax with the family before curling up on
her soft doggie bed in the livingroom.  

One of Aroha's jobs is helping her owner
raise and train Ahote. Ahote is one of
Aroha's young nephews.

Rollo is a special little Dachshund. He has
what is called a physical disability. His
back is weak and his back legs are not
able to hold him up--but no problem.  His
owner bought him a special little set of
wheels and now Rollo zips around and
plays with his buddies and goes to doggy
school. Rollo is a happy dog. He has
many friends because he is always willing
to be a friend to others.
Have you ever seen a person in a wheel chair? They use their chair like Rollo uses his

If you saw Rollo going down the sidewalk with his wheels would you laugh at him or call
him names?
No, because that would make him very sad. No one likes to have others be mean to

So, what would be the nice thing to do if you saw Rollo?
Yes, of course, you would do like you do with any dog out walking with their owner. You
smile and say "Hi."

What do you do when you see a person in a wheelchair?
Right again, you smile and say "Hi."

Would you lean down to Rollo and try to spin his wheels?   If you see someone in a
wheelchair do you run over and push on it or try to jump on for a ride?
Of course not. That would be very wrong. Would you like someone strange coming
over to you and grabbing at your glasses or pulling on your shoes?
Is Rollo different than most little dogs you see?
Is a person in a wheelchair different than someone who is able to walk?
Yes they are----they have wheels to help them.

Are they different in the inside where it really matters?
No, not at all.

Syra was just a pup when she was in an
accident. While Syra might have lost part
of her leg and a foot, she never lost her
zest for living nor her love of playing. Just
like most other herding breeds, fun-loving
Syra is a non-stop bundle of energy.

Syra's friends don't mind that she looks
different. They just have fun playing with

Do you have a friend that has a disability
that you can see?  Do you yourself have
one? Some people are born with
disabilities while some like Syra were in
some type of accident.

That a girl Syra--go get that ball.
Greek in origin.
Spanish in origin.
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