Dedicated to Draco. . .
By Jan Miller

I'm not sure why you do this, bringing strange dogs into our home,
I hate the mess, the cost, the time, just leave them free to roam.

You simply cannot understand the feeling that I get
when I look into a pair of big brown eyes and make this stray a pet.
To take an injured animal and show him love and grace
is more than I can make you understand, no feeling can this replace
to know he would die for me for nothing more than a bed and a meal
it's not always the dog who benefits or only his heart that starts to heal.
I have discovered things inside myself by doing what I do
I have no way to explain this other than to show this thing to you.

I called over one of my foster dogs, so sick and ill when he came
for all that he has suffered at the hands of man, he still casts no blame
he loves me for the things I've done to show him that I care
I stroke the naked skin with sores still barren of his beautiful hair.
He knows that I love him and burrows under my chin
this dog that arrived so scared, sickly and so thin.
He gives a gentle kiss and lays his head down in my lap
content and secure in my love for him, and takes a little nap.
No worries does he show, no nervous looks around
he knows I will cherish him, and keep him safe, this gift that I have found.
A gentle sigh escapes his lips and he settles in to sleep
I gaze upon his ravaged body and my eyes begin to weep.

If you can't see what I am showing you, what is going on right now
the look of utter contentment upon this babe's furrowed brow
and know that he would die for me, if this he's asked to do
then I cannot make you understand and my heart weeps for you.
For you must have never known the love of a creature so noble and so bold
just for giving him something to eat and bringing him in from the cold.
He doesn't care how much I weigh or even what job I do
and whether you realize it or not, he would do the same for you
all for just a little love, some compassion and a kind word
LIsten with your heart to the song you just now have heard.
the song of a singing heart, that is wanting so badly to love
it's the sound of Angel's singing , from heaven up above
you have to listen hard to hear it, not just anyone can
It's the sound of a loyal dog giving his heart to man.
Did you listen, did you hear it, the song coming from his heart?
You don't have to hear it loudly, just a whisper is a start.

I don't hear anything , just a dog snoring in his sleep
I still don't understand why all of these mutts you must keep.

How do you make someone see this who just doesn't understand
The stirrings felt deep in our souls for the beasts abused by man?
I take a ragged breath and let out a sigh of defeat
I do know in my heart that I can't save every dog I meet
but God has brought you to me and placed you in my care
so I have locked you deep in my heart and keep you safe in there.
This won't be the last time that someone questions what I do
But I will not turn my back on you sweet babe, this I promise you
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