Helping Paws of Putnam County
An Activity of Putnam Kids Project

Sometimes there are unexpected tragedies that strike a family such as a house fire or
the death of the major breadwinner. Helping Paws tries to help the family out on a
temporary basis be it a gift card for a meal out or some basic kitchen items to help
restock on needed supplies. Organizations like the American Red Cross can be
wonderful for the first 24 to 72 hours of giving assistance but then the family must turn
to other sources for help.

Karl's Kids can at times pull from our other Projects & Activities such as a bag of dog
food from the Feed A Pet Activity or a stuffed animal from Chimo's Cuddles and maybe
a book or a game from Rayne's Reading Room. Volunteers may also go to yard sales in
their area and look for items that a particular family may be able to use.

At times, Karl's Kids may even be able to find some donated items or merchandise at a
large discount that could help refurbish a home after disaster strikes. Maybe a child
needs their school supplies replaced and family funds are now limited because of an
unexpected loss of wages.

Maybe there is a baby in the family that could use a box of diapers or other supplies.
The family may need bedding or some towels and washclothes. The list of items to be
considered also includes such things as laundry detergent and basic cleaning supplies
such as a broom and a can of cleanser.

Helping Paws will look at the individual family and decide if there is anyway it can help at
the time and services offered will be based on funding and supplies available at that
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