How to Draw Karl
Step #1:  Start out with basic shapes.  Use a circle for Karl's head, semicircles for his
paws, and draw ovals for his chest and his hind leg (thigh area).

Step #2:  Once you've got the basic shapes down, you can start adding in some
detail.  Karl's muzzle is a wedge-shape and he has triangular ears.  Using curvy lines,
connect his head to his body and connect the chest oval to the hind-leg oval.  Draw in
his legs and his curvy tail.  Draw a straight line from the top of his muzzle across his
head so you know where his eyes go.

Step #3:  Now that we have the basics there, we can start adding some of the details!  
Add some lines to define the outer part and inner part of his ears.  Think about it as a
smaller triangle inside a larger one.  Draw a small oval on the circle of his head for his
eye.  Don't forget a small dark triangle for his nose.  And make sure you put a big grin
on Karl.  He's a happy guy.  Lastly, add some lines on the semicircles for his toes.

Step #4:  You're almost there.  Now it's time to add some fluffiness.  Karl's got some
fluff on the top of his head, on his cheeks, his chest, his elbows, his knees, the back of
his legs, and on his tail.  Don't forget his whiskers too.

Step #5:  Now it's time to add the finishing touches.  Draw on his markings.  I like to
add bandanas to Karl but you can add whatever you want.  Maybe a fire helmet or
anything you can come up with.  Be creative and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!
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