Internet Safety

A Kid's Agreement To Internet Safety Rules:
  • Do not tell anyone your last name, your address, your telephone number,
    the name of your school or even what town it is in, or where you parents

  • If someone tells you something that makes you uncomfortable tell an adult
    in your house right away.

  • If someone sends you a message that makes you uncomfortable, tell an
    adult in your house right away.

  • Do not ever agree to meet someone you meet over the Internet.

  • Do not have secret friends.

  • Do not send a friend that you met on the Internet a picture of yourself.

  • The only time any of the rules above can be broken is with the permission
    of an adult in your home.

Internet Safety Links
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Extra Help for adults
Internet Definitions
Safety Tips
It's very important to ask your parents for
permission to surf the Internet.
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