Axel Vom Riverhaus FRD CGC
Therapy, Tracking, OFA OFEL OFCA

As you can see I have a long name, but my family and
friends just call me Karl.  I live with my family on a small
lake in North Central Florida. My owner is also my
partner. We spend a lot of time together doing some
really fun stuff, and sometimes we have to work really
hard.. But no matter what, I am happy just to be with her.
I like to just hang around with my person. While she is doing her computer work, I lay at her
feet till she is through. Sometimes we go for long walks and see rabbits or even turtles. We
do a lot of obedience work since I have to know a lot of commands to be able to work with
my person. I have a black harness that I wear when we do our special work which the
people call tracking. I just call it "fun".  Now that I am a Fire Rescue Dog I can even ride in
big red firetrucks.

I don't really remember my first family very well. My person said that she had met my fur
Mom and Dad about a year before I was born.  Then she waited for me-- her special puppy.
The day I turned 8 weeks old in March of 2001, my new family came to bring me home.  
They had already came and visited with me and my brothers and sisters several times, so I
knew them.  My person said she fell in love with me when I walked over and sat on her foot.
I had to. She was trying to decide between me and one of my brothers. The man who
owned my fur mom had picked two of us out for my  person to choose from.  I was afraid
she might not pick me so I ran over and made sure .  So my person became my new mom
and  my best friend that day.

I love all of the family--well except for my little brothers. They are okay I guess, but most of
the time they are brats. Casey and Chase are twins and are a year and three months
younger than I am. So whenever "Mom" gets upset with us she tells me that I am the big
brother so I should be better behaved then the twins.  But I am only three, so sometimes I
forget.  Maybe when I am a big boy of four in January, I will be able to remember to be a
good influence all of the time.
I also have two older fur sisters. One is Men-Leigh a Chow Chow and the other is Star a
minature poodle.  Then we also have a turtle named Timmy and an African Grey Parrot
named Pepper.
Star and Chase/Casey
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