Outdoor Safety

Kat's Lost in the Woods Again

Water Safety
How to Have Fun in Your Pool
KC, our young swimming beauty, always follows the pool safety rules.  
In the water she wears her "floaties" because she is still learning to swim.

She wears her goggles to protect her eyes while swimming underwater.  
And she always swims with a friend.

Tika just finished playing hard in the water and is resting.  Good girl,
Tika. Don't want to get too tired in the water.  But she is staying
close by to keep an eye on KC.  The girls know they must never swim
alone.  Tika too wears a life vest while in the pool.  

And watching over both girls is the big strong Phoenix, the pool lifeguard.
 Everyone knows it is always best to swim where there is a lifeguard
present.  Phoenix has his safety board ready in case he needs to help
one of his friends. And while Phoenix watches over his friends, he also
takes care of himself.  He has his sunvisor and sunglasses to protect his
face and eyes from the strong sunlight. He is also concerned about
UV Rays so he makes sure to use sunscreen.  Phoenix reminds the girls
to put more on throughout the day. And in his cooler Phoenix keeps
plenty of clean water and cold healthy juice for all to drink.
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