Personal Safety

Joker, a real life hero in our family, is the host
of Kids 'N' Rules. In 2003, after living with his
new family less then one month, Joker
followed after his three year old "exploring"
charge. Joker stayed by his side until the
tired and dirty companions were found
walking home with Joker leading the way.
He is the perfect choice to help watch over
and help Karl instruct children on various rules
to help keep them safe.

Stranger Danger
Never talk to strangers.  Just say "I can't talk to strangers" and walk away quickly.

Never take candy, toys, a ride, or even a puppy from a stranger.

Never tell a stranger your name or where you live.

If a stranger grabs at you, yell out as loud as you can, "Go away, I don't know you,
you are not my daddy/mommy."


A stranger can be anyone that is not family or a friend.  A stranger might be
someone that you see every day walking home from school and they wave and
smile at you. Just because you have seen someone before does not make them
"not a stranger". A stranger is someone that you don't know very much about.

A stranger can be young or old, pretty or scary looking, dressed in dirty clothes or
nice new things.
A stranger can be a teenager, or a young woman, or someone that looks like your

Not all strangers are mean or unsafe, but as a young person it is not up to you to
decide. Stay away from all strangers if you are not with a trusted adult.

Karl's Kids Program, Inc. is working through our Kids 'N' Rules Activity in partnership with several of our
other Activites to form our Safety 4 Kids Project.

The Safety 4 Kids Project is a series of classes that are given under the guidance of a trained
professional in an Emergency Services Field.

Fire Rescue Dog Series
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