Prince and Princess
by Theresa Jennings

Once upon a time, in a land very far away lived a prince and a princess.  These children
were very happy, but they felt they were missing something in their home. One evening a
wise old lady who lived in their kingdom came to visit the Royal Family.

"Oh wise lady", the little prince said. "My sister and I would like to ask you a very important

The little princess, who was very shy and was hiding behind her brother, popped her pretty
little head out flashing her warm smile. "Can you help us?", she asked in her tiny royal voice.

The wise old lady just smiled. Then she spoke to the children. "I know what you wish to ask
and I can indeed help you." She motioned to the children to come closer so that they would
not miss a word. "Even though you have a warm loving home you still feel like there is
something that can make your good home better. I am going to send you on a quest to find
the perfect answer for your family. There are many places to look for the answer, but when
you arrive at the right place for your family you will know. You will look upon the secret and
your heart will fill with love and happiness. Your face will break out into a large smile and
you will find your arms spreading out to embrace the secret. You must promise to care for
this treasure for many years. And when the treasure loses the shine that all new things
have, you must still love it and never toss it aside.  Follow my advice and you will never be
alone in the world. "

The little prince and his little sister traveled many places with their royal family.  One sunny
warm day they stopped by a little yellow house with a small white wooden fence.  There
were blue birds sitting on the fence singing.  A little fuzzy black kitten was being washed by
a larger cat.  His little orange sister was chasing butterflies through the yard.

A large green frog was swimming in a small pond filled with silver and gold colored fish.

As the family walked up the path, a young woman and her husband opened the front door.  
"Come right in",  said the pretty lady.  Her husband opened the door wider and asked the
guests to have a seat. While the lady asked the family to tell her about themselves and
about their home her husband went into the kitchen. When he returned he had a special
treasure in his arms. He very carefully placed the secret upon the floor and stepped back.
As the Royal Family looked upon the treasure they found themselves being placed under a
fairy spell.  The King had a large smile on his face. The Queen looked upon her children
and felt a warmness enter her heart knowing this gift would bring much happiness to her
family. And the little prince and princess found themselves on the floor with  arms opened
wide--wide enough to welcome a new member of their family. The Royal Family knew right
then that they had come to the end of the journey and it was now time to go home.  They
had found what they had been searching for.  They had found the perfect treasure.

If your family is looking for a perfect treasure, you may follow the hints given by the wise old
woman. She had given a list to the royal family of places to go and search for their special
one.  Part of the list given to the Royal Family is shown
here. They would like to share it with
your family. Now remember only part of it is shown
here. There are many other places
where your family can go and do their own search. Good luck and may your journey also
end with "And they lived happily ever after".
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