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The handler must learn the proper way to fit and use before using on any dog.  Most
companion dogs will not need to ever be trained with a prong. Never use a slip or choke
collar on any dog. Choke collars get their name because they choke a dog, often doing
permanent damage to the throat. Contrary to their looks, a properly fitted and used
prong collar pinches the skin and does not dig into the skin.
Training With A Prong Collar
For Large Breed Pups min. 6-9 months old

Outside Links to training DVDs or Equipment
Help take care of you dog and he will be your best friend for years.

  • Help keep his water bowl full of clean fresh water.
  • Baby puppies need to be fed 3-4 times a day.  Adult dogs are fed 2 times a day.
  • Your dog will sometimes need a bath, have his ears cleaned, his nails cut, and his
    teeth brushed.
  • Dogs need to be outside everyday. Do not let your dog run loose. He must be kept
    in a fenced area or on a leash. Don't tie your dog up. He could get hurt.
  • Your dog will love riding in the car with you. Make sure he rides in a dog crate or
    wears a car harness that is attached to your car's seat belt.  A dog should never
    ride in the back of a truck.
  • A dog needs to visit his vet at least once a year.
  • Your dog needs to have a collar on whenever he is outside or going on a trip.
He will need his rabies tag and some type of identification in case he gets lost.  A
microchip is a nice thing to buy for your dog.  Be sure to check his collar at least once a
week. Don't let it get too small and hurt his neck or too old where it will break and get lost.
  • The best place for your dog to sleep at night is in the house. He needs to spend a
    lot of time with his family. A lonely dog becomes a bad dog.
  • Your dog needs exercise everyday. Letting him outside to run by himself is not
    proper exercise.  Go outside with him for a walk.  Play a game of ball with him.
  • All dogs need to be trained to be a good family member. Training is for a lifetime.
Even pet dogs should know how to walk nice on a leash, sit, down, stand, stay, and come.
Your dog should know how to act around other animals and behave around your family
and friends.
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