Karl's Putnam Kids
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
The Putnam County division of Karl's Kids is
involved with the distribution of food, various
supplies, and school supplies to some of our
county children.
Activity Coordinator: Kristi Adams
Karl's Safety 4 Kids Project
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
The Karl's Safety 4 Kids Series of classes is
available to be hosted through local
emergency agencies or by trained Karl's
Kids Program volunteer instructors.
Coordinator and Fire & Life Safety
Instructor: Theresa A. Jennings
Karl's Feed A Pet Activity
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
An activity in which we disburse dog and cat
food to various rescues and foster families
in the Putnam County area.
Activity Coordinator: Kristi Adams
West Putnam FL Fire Department
Just Fur You Cat Adoption
FL Azalea Festival Fun Dog
Karl's Kids is a show sponsor and our
program volunteers enjoy working at the
annual  two day fun dog show.
Volunteers Karen Hall and Theresa A.
Jennings, Co-chair
Azalea Festival Pages
2005   2006   2007   2008
Karl's Pets In Emergencies
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
Karl's Kids is currently working within the
community for Emergency Shelters for Pets.
Theresa A. Jennings and Kristi Adams
Karl's Advocating For
Assistance Dogs Project
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
The Karl's Kids Team puts together
educational handouts and participates in
partnership with other organizations to
advocate for Assistance Dogs and their
Project Coordinator: Theresa A. Jennings
Fundraising For The Community
Karl's Kids volunteers are active in assisting other community organizations. Some current
activities of the volunteers are to help raise funds for supplies for local animal shelters,
items needed in a local school, and being a regular contributor to a children's research
Unless stated otherwise, Project and Activity
Logos by Jamie Ohman of Dancing Cavy
Logo by Tracy Samples
Karl's Adopt-A-Pet Project
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.

Co-founder:  Theresa A. Jennnings
Co-founder and Project Manager:  Kristi
Adams, Chairperson for Shelter Animals
Project Volunteer Photographer and Project
Transport Co-ordinator: Sheri Harnack
Project Volunteer Office Assistant: Deann
Adopt-A-Pet Section
One Book One Putnam
In partnership with the Big Read.
Karl's Kids was invited to work with the 2008
One Book One Putnam Planning Committee
as a community partner. Our part was in
researching and drawing what we believed
Buck the main character in the book
Call of the Wild
looked like and to supply
coloring pages and artwork for several
Project Coordinator: Theresa A. Jennings
One Book One Putnam 2008
Kids 'n' Dogs Project
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
This project is designed to promote the
proper care and training of the family dog;
safety for children around dogs; provide
educational materials for children, their
families, and their community; and to help
families raise and train their dogs to be good
canine citizens in the home and in the
Kids 'N' Dogs Project Section
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