Rayne's Reading Room

Our hostess for this division of Karl'sToy Box lives in PA with her owner N. Baker.
Rayne is the daughter of Chimo who is the mascot of Chimo's Cuddles.

Activity Chairperson: Noelle Baker
Children love books. They love to hear stories and let their imaginations take over.
This time is a great opportunity to expand a relationship with a child. This division
of Karl's Toy Box encourages the growth of a child's imagination by the use of
books from other authors and those written by the volunteers of Karl's Kids.

From supplying books to various groups, to our volunteers reading to children,
Rayne's Reading Room encourages a love of books.
A Message from Abby, a special
little friend of Karl's with her
own book to share.
Hi Karl,

I've heard a lot about your Karl's Kids Program and think it's really great, so I
wanted to send you a huge Paws Up from me and my family. I'm also
attaching a polaroid photo of me saying hi. See, that's me. Woof!

But there's another reason why I'm sending you a letter, too. I've heard about
your reading program and wanted to tell you about a book called "The Home
where Abby Lives" which is, of course, all about ME. As you might already
know from your family, my two humans, Chris and Brian, adopted me at an
animal shelter where I'd been left by my old family. The book tells the story of
how I was adopted, and also about my new family and the great stuff I get to do
with them. Did you know they took me to visit Washington, DC with them? I
feel very lucky to have this new home - and I hope your little readers will like
my story.

I'll keep this short for now and go see if Mom will take me out to play ball with
her. Maybe I can nudge her into drawing a second book all about me. I really
like seeing myself in pictures! ;)

Woof! Woof!

Click the image on
the left to purchase
The Home Where
Abby Lives
by Chris
One Book One Putnam in partnership with The Big Read
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