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Mini-Horse and Girl: Recent EquiTheater Stars at Amik Run   
CONTACT: Jim Russell
General Manager
Amik Run Equestrian Center
2561 SE 168th Ave.
Morriston, FL 32668
(352) 528-5298

Are you a horse person who can act or sing or dance? Are you an actor or singer
who can ride or always wanted to learn? Are you a musician who loves horses? Are
you a genius with costumes or a lighting expert or a whiz with a hammer or just
someone who loves the excitement of live theatre and also happens to love
horses? Then you should join The Six Legged Theater Company, the new Equine
Theater group forming in Morriston, central to Williston, Ocala, Dunnellon and

Horses and Theater? That's right! The art of EquiTheater was created a few years
ago by Lara Wyant in Oregon and has fast become more and more popular
nationwide as an equestrian activity. EquiTheater is now recognized as a
competitive sport by the Independent Horse Show Judges Association and was
recently featured at the National Pleasure Walking Horse Show in St. Louis,

According to the National EquiTheater website (, this exciting
one-of-a-kind sport gives exhibitors the opportunity to present an entertaining
routine to an audience using: costumes, choreography, music, props, storytelling
and acting.  Routines may be serious, dramatic, elegant or funny.
EquiTheater is not like any other musical horse sport, because it has fewer
required elements, and the main emphasis of a routine is on it's ENTERTAINMENT
value, not on how well a horse performs. Perhaps the best way to describe
EquiTheater is to point out what it is not: It's not horses stepping, prancing or
dancing to music. It's not a horse(s) at liberty act, nor a trick horse(s) act.  It is not
riding a musical dressage or reining pattern, nor is it riding around an arena in a
costume with background music.

The idea for the Six Legged Theater Company came about when local horse farm
manager Jim Russell, a former professional actor and director, saw a small
equitheater competition and thought about the possibility of expanding the concept
of short routines into actual full length theatrical productions on horseback (or
driven or in-hand or combinations thereof). Though EquiTheater has usually been
performed to recorded music, according to Russell: "I envision a full length live
broadway musical revue with actors singing on horseback to live music performed
by live musicians!

Russell added that his vision for the new theatre group includes plenty of
opportunities for non-horse people both as ground-based ensemble cast members,
ensemble singers and as backstage helpers and volunteers. "Imagine combining
live music with live horses with live singing and acting and the magic of live theatre.
Now that's entertainment!", he added.

Russell, the General Manager of Amik Run Equestrian Center in Morriston, where
the new group will be hosted, has performed in and/or directed more than 100 live
stage productions and appeared in several television commercials and music
videos in the early 1980's. He  studied acting under Bernice Pepke, John James
and  Peter Ivanov. His television credits include appearing with Barry Bostwick,
James Mason, Lloyd Bridges and Patty Duke in the 1984 CBS Mini-Series, George
Washington. He will serve as the Artistic Director of The Six Legged Theater
Company, but noted that many volunteers will be needed to help with everything
from publicity to choreography to costumes and props, ticket sales, horse helpers
and backstage crew, set builders and more. Participants of all ages and
backgrounds are welcome, including area residents with no equine or acting
experience. The group is intended to be a community club, rather than a for-profit

The first performance by The Six Legged Theatre Company, a revue of songs from
broadway musicals called "Broadway in the Barn," is scheduled for Saturday,
March 4th, 2006 at 7 p.m. at Amik Run Equestrian Center in Morriston. Tickets are
$8 per person and include a sunset cookout dinner featuring hamburgers, hot
dogs, BBQ Chicken and all the fixins.

If you are interested in being part of the March performance, joining the group, or
volunteering, please call 352-528-5298 or email
Mini-Horse and Girl:
Recent EquiTheater
Stars at Amik Run
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