Wally Tabor
"Uncle Wally"
On April 15, 1996 a stud colt was born at the Premier Farms in
Howell, Michigan.  A son of Tabor LaBell  (sire) and Priority Lady (dam).  
His proud  owners were Dave and Judy DeHaven of Sturgis, Michigan.  He
was like all new born foals in his first hour of life, clumsey, very
uncertain of himself and not particuraly handsome but as he grew older
looked more and more like a nice looking foal.  It was now time to name
the foal.

When I was in high school I went to some hunting  and fishing
programs sponsored by a local service club in my home town.  The man
narrating these shows was named Wally Tabor.  The name just seemed to
be perfect.  So, the foal's name became Wally Tabor.  He  spent his
weanling year and part of his yearling year at a good friend's farm growing
up with one of his babies.  He was bred to be a trotter but ended up a
pacer.  As a two year old he began his training and  switched from a trotting
gate to a pacing gate and never changed back.  He started racing at age
two and continued racing into his eighth year, winning twenty five
races. He was retired and sent through the New Vocations Race Horse
Adoption Program where he found a home that any horse would wish for.  
Wally was a horse that everybody loved.  He gave you his heart when he
raced and his love when he wasn't.                                         
Story by Dave
Uncle Wally's Friends

Little Nike
Valiant Ed
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