Checking your kid’s text messages is one of the best methods to discovering what they are up to when you are not around. In general children hide most of what they do from their parents. Stuff like skipping lunch etc may not be of concern but other things such as sexting and bullying you would want to know about. It is hard to help or raise them with the values you wish to instill if you do not know what is happening with them. The previous method of taking away their cell phone and reading your child’s text messages is not effective because he or she will probably delete what they don’t want you to see. This is where a sms interceptor app comes into play.

When it is downloaded onto a target mobile it offers the user the ability to monitor their kid’s sms messages unknown to them. Whether the communication was erased or not does not matter because it would have already been captured and sent to the parent. This is generally to some online repository in which you would log onto in order to access the records. You will not only be able to check your kid’s text messages but other things such as track their mobile; view pictures captured etc. There are different additional features available and it all depends on the program chosen or vendor.

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What program should I use to read my child’s text messages?

In this review we will look at two programs which are Phonesheriff and Mobistealth. Phonesheriff is an excellent cell phone monitoring app for kids. It has both monitoring and control functionality. Therefore you would be able to do things such as check your kid’s sms messages; track the phone; track websites visited; capture pictures taken; block certain numbers from calling and texting etc. It is presently one of the better cell phone parental control apps on the market now and for $49.99USD makes it pretty affordable. The best part that the parents love is the telephone support system in which if you have any issue you can talk to someone about it opposed to the email system.

Mobistealth is the other program there but offers quite a bit more advanced functionality. It has similar surveillance features as Phonesheriff but you will also be able to monitor Whatsapp messages, Blackberry messenger; listen in on the phone environment and calls etc. This offers parents the opportunity to delve even further especially if your child uses other messenger systems than text messaging. Its price range is between $39.99USD to $199.99USD depending on the features chosen.

If you gave your teen a mobile phone then you certainly should look into overseeing that device. You can find specific programs available at this time which would aid you in monitoring your child’s mobile phone activities. All of this is done covertly to ensure that they wouldn’t be conscious that you are keeping tabs on what they are up to. Therefore everything which is captured could be regarded as a genuine portrayal of their behavior. If he or she realized that you were observing them, then they would resort to only communicating certain matters across those transmissions. In essence you will be given a false feeling of security that everything is going good in reality it may be the opposite.

When it comes to execution any app used to monitor your child’s cell phone must be installed onto the particular device. The installation is the same as any application in which you download it and configure appropriately. The program will then go into action documenting the transmissions it was designed to undertake. Once captured it would then transmit the recorded details to you personally. This is either to an email address or to a surveillance database in which you would just need to access with your security code. In the event that there are things which need to be dealt with then do so promptly and avoid hinting where you obtained the information. Always keep in mind that you would want to be able to rely on this technology for a later date.

What are some recommended cell phone monitoring apps for children?

When looking to implement cell phone parental control applications it is vital that you employ an app which works well and can get the job done. In this article we would look at the two most popular apps in this area which are Phonesheriff and Mobistealth respectively. Most people generally pick Phonesheriff as their first choice because it is less expensive and it also offers restriction features. Its list of functionality includes:

  • Intercepting text messages
  • Cell phone tracking
  • Call logging
  • Website tracking
  • Photo logging
  • Contact details
  • Time Restrictions (lock the phone from use during certain periods)
  • Call & sms message filtering (block certain numbers from communicating with the cell phone)

From a surveillance point of view these are some of the most essential functions to find out what is occurring on your kid’s cell phone. For more details on this particular parental control app click here.

Mobistealth has similar monitoring features to Phone Sheriff however lacks the power to restrict certain communications on the phone. However, it is capable of more complex functionality which includes monitoring Blackberry messenger; spying on whatsapp messenger chat, environment listening as well as call interception. As a result you would be able to gain more details from monitoring your kid’s cell phone especially if they use bbm or whatsapp messenger. If you are interested in learning more about Mobistealth then go to .